Life should be enjoyed stress-free.

Food brings family, friends and culture together.

We all have our own style and taste that defines who we are.

We can help you spend more time doing the things you love.

About Us

It all started with ideas and passion
shared by Japanese foodies coming together
in Australia. Our mission is to improve people’s

life through food, convenience and creativity.

Bestmeals is the first step in our journey.

Feevie and Best Meals

Hiro Noda

Co-Founder, Feevie
What makes Feevie Team unique is passion and
creativity of the team with diversity of thoughts, skills
and professions.

A co-founder, Hiro, is an experienced project manager
and Japanese food guru, who is passionate about
being part of a community to share genuine food
from all over the world.

Feevie logo
Our company name,“Feevie” represents our value, passion and culture. It means

Feeding your body and family with healthy fresh meals.

Foodie at heart. We love good food.

V” is roman numerial representing five, a magic number
in traditional Japanese food culture:

Five Falvours – salty, sweet, bitter, spicy and sour.
Five Colours – white, yellow, green, red, and black.
Five Methods – raw, boil, grill, steam and fry.

“Creating convenience, sharing culture, fun
and passion through food and creativity is what drives us

How We Work Together With You


Creating new consumer leads
We affiliate to list your meal service and collaborate to create contents on the site to help discover new consumer leads.

Online Engagement

Increasing consumer engagement
We collaborate through social media platforms to post and share or facilitate online events to increase consumer engagement.


Co-Develop / Enhance
We welcome sponsorships to co-develop new or enhance services to improve the life of others through food.
Through food we can
bring people and culture together,
we can improve life together.
So, let’s take this journey together.