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Why Soulara is the best meal

• Looking for plant based meal delivery service? Look no further, enjoy freshest superfood packed meals by Soulara.

• Every meal is nutritionally designed by Soulara expert chefs and nutritionists. Freshness with minimal processing.

• Fresh seasonal ingredients from local Australian farmers and growers. Let’s give them a good support!

• Environmentally friendly and sustainable company, using completely recyclable delivery boxes.


Tips – what to look out for

• Serving size is small-average

Some active people may find the serving size of Soulara not enough, still feeling a little hungry after the meal. Those who needed more portion ate extra fruit, raw veggie sticks or dry nuts as snacks to compensate.



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Delivery Location

Below is general information. Each service will confirm exact delivery area when placing an order. Find more about it here. 

NSW  – Sydney Metro, Central Coast, Wollongong, Newcastle

VIC – Melbourne

ACT – Canberra

SA – Adelaide

QLD – Gold Coast, Brisbane

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